Company Profile

About us:

Foamtech, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company founded in 1995.  We manufacture oilfield production chemicals, drilling and frac chemicals, industrial cleaners/degreasers and soapsticks in Woodward, OK.  Foamtech serves an approximate 200 mile radius from Woodward and Thomas, OK.

Our Mission:

Right Product on the Right Well at the Right Time

It is our mission to assist oil companies in getting as much oil and gas out of the ground as possible by getting the right product on the right well at the right time.  We want to help you treat preventable problems and avoid unnecessary delays in the sale of your produced product.  Lost production due to tubing and casing issues is usually preventable with an effective chemical treatment program.  At the very least, these issues can be delayed significantly.  Chemical programs do not have to be mysterious and cost-prohibitive.  Let us show you what we can do.  Contact us today with your biggest problem and let us solve it!

Our People:4515 Western

Richard Waggoner, Founder/Chairman
Monte Waggoner, President/CEO
Mike Brown, COO
Courtney Kidd, VP-Finance
Tyann Purvis, Office Manager
Alan King, Plant Manager
Dan Coombs, Manufacturing Plant
Fred McDonald, Manufacturing Plant
Sony Castillo, Manufacturing Plant
Tracy Watkins, EHS Manager
Vick Branson, Account Manager
Steven Purvis, Account Manager
Jimmy Johnson, Account Manager
Kirk Hartman, Account Manager
Cody Kreizenbeck, Account Manager
Landon Fowble, Technical Services Manager
Billy Gilbert, Technical Field Service
Bob Wood, Field Service
John Reynolds, Field Service
Tom Slattery, Field Service
Anthony Peachy, Field Service
Layne Longhofer, Field Service
Gil Staats, Delivery/Service
Jose Rosales, Delivery/Service
Luis Flores, Delivery/Service
Wesley Fite, Delivery/Service
Robert Luper, Delivery/Service
Steven Collins, Delivery/Service
Travis Greening, Delivery/Service

Our History:

Foamtech was started April 14, 1995 by Richard and Claudia with the primary goal of gaining control of their own destiny.  The first product was the Red HotTM soapstick.  We hand built the tables, which are still in use today in the manufacturing process.  The whole family was involved in the stick-making process.  Sticks were produced in the evenings for Richard to sell the next day.  Within a year, Courtney became the first official employee, and the first one to get paid.  In 1996, in a dramatic leap of faith, Claudia left her “normal” job and the “security” of a regular paycheck and benefits to join the young company in day to day operations.  That leap of faith propelled Foamtech into a tremendous growth period, which included our entrance into the liquid chemical business, the acquisition and expansion of our current facility and the addition of more employees.  Foamtech’s growth and success have been beyond Richard and Claudia’s original expectations.

In 2016, Foamtech began expanding with an office in Thomas, OK.  The new, state-of-the-art laboratory facility is complete and operating under the direction of Landon Fowble.  Equipment onsite includes an ICP, X-Ray Diffraction and various other analytical instruments.

Our Purpose:

Foamtech is owned and operated by a Christian family.  We believe God is responsible not only for our success, but for our very existence.  We intend to be a company that reflects and glorifies Him in all we do.

Our Outlook on the Oil & Gas Industry:

We believe not only can we achieve energy independence, we simply must.  We have the resources, in this country, to accomplish this goal.  The United States has more resources than we could have ever conceived even five years ago.  It’s a matter of the industry being allowed to go get it!  We must have leadership at the highest levels of government; leadership which will remove regulatory roadblocks to the growth and progress of the economy.  The oil industry is the key to the economic engine of the United States.  Affordable energy drives business growth in every single sector of our economy, while simultaneously decreasing the cost of living, increasing disposable income and increasing the standard of living for consumers.  The availability of clean, affordable petroleum-based energy can and will fuel this nation for centuries.