Paraffin Solvent-Scale-Corrosion Inhibitor Combination

Product Informationparaffin solvent-scale-corrosion inhibitors

Why a paraffin solvent-scale-corrosion inhibitor combination?
Ironically, it’s not unusual to find scale and corrosion in the same well.  To further complicate matters, introduce paraffin to the mix.  Now we have a problem to treat!  Combining all three solutions into one product only makes sense.  It’s the most cost effective solution to a simultaneous paraffin, scale and corrosion problems.

Why choose Foamtech?
Our experience is it is much simpler to treat with one combination product rather than three individual products.  In addition, we find many times the combination is synergistic; the combination works better than any product alone.  This is not only more practical, it is much more economical.  Cost savings include a single product rather than three, fewer pumps, valves and other hardware.  One product, one tank, one pump, one injection rate.  Simplifies the solution greatly!

It is our intention to partner with you to maximize your well’s production by not only selecting the correct chemical product, but also working with you to keep it stocked and pumping at the correct rate.  Our chemical program will decrease the pumper’s workload, decrease the difficulty in readying oil for sale, decrease or eliminate rejection from oil haulers and increase your overall profitability.

How are paraffin solvent-scale-corrosion inhibitor combinations available?
Depending on the determined dose, we suggest a quantity sufficient to last several months.  Your sales representative will discuss these options with you.

What is the next step?
Contact your sales representative.  Following analysis of a field sample, you will receive an action plan including specific paraffin solvent-scale-corrosion inhibitor combination product information, injection rate and cost.  If you are not already working with a sales representative, please click here to go to our contact form.


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