Corrosion Inhibitors

corrosion inhibitorWhat is a corrosion inhibitor?

Corrosion inhibitors work by decreasing the rate of natural corrosion occurring anytime water comes into contact metal goods..  Any well making water will eventually have a corrosion problem.  This corrosion causes damage to metal goods of well, including casing, tubing and flow lines.  A corrosion inhibitor will slow, possibly stop, this process.  Treatment with corrosion inhibitors generally is more preventative than remedial.

What issues are treated with a corrosion inhibitor?

Corrosion is a natural consequence of contact of a well’s tubular goods with water and other products in the formation.  Corrosion of tubing or casing can lead to holes which have clearly undesirable effects.  Not only will production be reduced, contamination of soil and/or ground water is possible.  Once this point is reached, the only solution is replacement of the affected parts.  A much better solution is to treat the problem with an effective corrosion inhibitor.

Why choose Foamtech?

Foamtech will be your partner in production.  We are problem solvers, and our strong desire is to prevent downtime and lost production caused by treatable and preventable problems.

Services included with purchase:

  • Foamtech will supply a bulk tank and secondary containment for use at no charge while our chemical is on location.
  • Foamtech does not charge labor for hookup or service.
  • Foamtech will perform water analyses upon request.
  • Foamtech will perform oil grind-outs upon your request (and argue with the oil buyers if necessary).
  • Note:  Number of included water analyses and oil grind-outs limited.  Excessive amounts subject to additional charges.


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