What is a Foamer?

Our Foamers are a proprietary blend of special organic surfactants, wetting agents and detergents.  Foamer products work by wetting water, making it lighter and easier for existing downhole pressure to remove.  In addition, foamers enhance the capillary action of water making it crawl up the pipe more easily.  Foamers are sensitive to the chemistry of the formation water.  The saltier/harder the water, the more foamer it takes, or the “stronger” the foamer must be.  Foamer application is largely dependent upon pressure and production.  Our foamers work well with compressors.  In fact, the combination of foamer and a compressor often works better than either alone.

Foamers are a cost-effective solution to the installation of pumping units or plungers; no huge up-front cost associated with an equipment purchase and little if any maintenance.  The only maintenance is on the injection pump, which Foamtech will maintain.

Why choose Foamtech?

Foamtech will be your partner.  We seek to maximize your well’s production by not only selecting the most appropriate foamer, but also working with you to keep it stocked and pumping at the correct rate.  We are problem solvers, and our strong desire is to make it as easy as possible to product your product.

Services included with purchase:

  • Foamtech will supply a bulk tank and secondary containment for use at no charge as long as our chemical is in use.
  • Foamtech does not charge labor for hookup or service.
  • Foamtech will perform water analyses upon your request.
  • Foamtech will perform oil grind-outs upon your request.
  • Note:  number of included water analyses and oil grind-outs limited.  Excessive amounts subject to additional charges.


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