Paraffin Solvents

paraffin solventsWhat is a paraffin solvent?

Paraffin is a general term applied in the oil industry to mean a waxy buildup of heavy, long-chain alkanes.  A paraffin solvent works by dissolving the paraffin molecules into solution.

Paraffin is a common component of crude oil.  When the oil temperature begins to fall, the paraffin will crystallize into the familiar waxy substance.  This buildup will drastically affect production by inhibiting and eventually plugging tubing and flow lines.  When the buildup is sufficient to completely block flow, options are limited to manual removal with cutting tools.  A much better solution is to treat the problem with effective chemical product.  Treatment with chemical dissolves existing paraffin buildup and minimizes the likelihood of further paraffin crystallization.

Why choose Foamtech?

Foamtech rigorously tests each paraffin sample against our full solvent line.  Not only is the best product chosen, we determine the lowest effective dose to keep your chemical costs down.  Foamtech will be your partner in production.  We are problem solvers, and our strong desire is to make it as easy as possible to produce and sell your product.

Services included with purchase:

  • Foamtech will supply a bulk tank and secondary containment for use at no charge while our chemical is on location.
  • Foamtech does not charge labor for hookup or service.
  • Foamtech will perform water analyses upon request.
  • Foamtech will perform oil grind-outs upon your request (and argue with the oil buyers if necessary).
  • Note:  Number of included water analyses and oil grind-outs limited.  Excessive amounts subject to additional charges.


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