Soapsticks are surfactant-based sticks designed to unload wells.  Each stick is a mix of surfactants, foam boosters and detergents custom blended for specific uses.  Very simply, soapsticks assist in gas production by wetting water and producing a foam head which is lighter than water.  Remaining water has decreased surface tension, increasing capillary action enabling existing down-hole pressure to push the water/foam up the tubing and out.

Sticks are 1.25″ in diameter and 15″ long.  Sticks are packaged in steel drums, 6.5 gallon buckets and cardboard boxes.  Quantities are:

Steel Drum:  450 sticks
6.5 Gallon Buckets (screw-on lid):  50 sticks
Cardboard Boxes:  40 sticks

Available Products:

Red HotsTM

Red Hots are an all-purpose water and oil stick, and are our original stick.  Foamtech as a company was founded on this product.  Red Hots will perform in most any situation and can lift up to 30% condensate.  Red Hots are an excellent first choice for most applications.

Black MagicTM

Black Magic sticks are a combination oil and water stick particularly effective for wells containing significant condensate, routinely handling up to 70% condensate.  Wells making up to 80% water can also be readily treated with Black Magic sticks.  As downhole pressure decreases over time, the natural pressure may no longer be adequate to push water and condensate up the tubing.  These sticks are our most effective treatment for such wells, particularly those containing condensate.  The foaming and water-wetting action helps to lift the water and condensate by decreasing surface tension, increase capillary activity and reducing the hydrostatic head.  This decrease in surface tension and increase in capillary action causes the fluid to literally climb the pipe unloading the well.  Black Magics are our #1 selling soapstick.

White LightningTM

White Lightning sticks are a hot water stick used primarily for water-producing wells.  These sticks will perform with up to 15% condensate.  These sticks contain a unique surfactant base not used in our other sticks.  White Lightning sticks have performed well in the Anadarko and Permian basins.

Hard Soap Acid

Hard Soap Acid sticks are a custom blend of surfactants mixed with acid.  These sticks are especially effective at removing mild scale and for reducing the pH of the well.  When using, there is no need for additional foam sticks as these sticks also contain foaming surfactants.

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