Emulsion Breakers

emulsion breakerWhat is an emulsion breaker?

A demulsifier, or emulsion breaker, works by separating the two phases of oil and waterin produced fluids.  Raw ingredients vary depending upon specific emulsion composition.  Components of the emulsion may include resins, amines, asphaltenes, clay and paraffins.  Internal testing by Foamtech determines precise product selection.

Under normal circumstances, the emulsion to be treated exists as water-in-oil.  Water existing within produced oil will result in a reject (no sale) or sale at a substantial discount.

Why choose Foamtech?

Foamtech rigorously tests each emulsion against our full breaker line.  Not only is the best product chosen, we determine the lowest effective dose to keep your chemical costs down.  Foamtech will be your partner in production.  We are problem solvers, and our strong desire is to make it as easy as possible to sell your product.

Services included with purchase:

  • Foamtech will supply a bulk tank and secondary containment for use at no charge while our chemical is on location.
  • Foamtech does not charge labor for hookup or service.
  • Foamtech will perform water analyses upon request.
  • Foamtech will perform oil grind-outs upon your request (and argue with the oil buyers if necessary).
  • Note:  Number of included water analyses and oil grind-outs limited.  Excessive amounts subject to additional charges.


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