Scale Inhibitors

scale inhibitorsWhat is a scale inhibitor?

Scale is a general term referring to a buildup of minerals, such as calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, iron sulfide, iron oxides and calcium sulfate.  There are a number of other compounds which are insoluble or only slight soluble in water which may also form scale deposits.  A scale inhibitor works by bringing the precipitated material back into solution and inhibiting further scale crystallization.  Generally speaking, if conditions are not favorable for scale formation, corrosion is often observed.

The harder the formation water, the more likely a scale problem exists.  Think about it this way:  if our household water, which is treated prior to our use is prone to scale buildup on our faucets and drains, how much more so will generally hard, mineral-filled lease water scale your production equipment?  Scale affects production by affecting down-hole pump performance and reducing flow in and eventually plugging tubing and flow lines.  At the point of blockage, options become limited to replacement of the affected tubing or iron products.  A much better solution is to treat the problem with an effective scale inhibitor.  Treatment with chemical begins to dissolve existing scale deposits and inhibits further scale crystallization.

Why choose Foamtech?

Foamtech will be your partner in production.  We are problem solvers, and our strong desire is to prevent downtime and lost production caused by treatable and preventable problems.

Services included with purchase:

  • Foamtech will supply a bulk tank and secondary containment for use at no charge while our chemical is on location.
  • Foamtech does not charge labor for hookup or service.
  • Foamtech will perform water analyses upon request.
  • Foamtech will perform oil grind-outs upon your request (and argue with the oil buyers if necessary).
  • Note:  Number of included water analyses and oil grind-outs limited.  Excessive amounts subject to additional charges.


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